Covid-19 and 广告组 – we are open

Governor Tim Walz announced A Stay at Home Executive Order directing Minnesotans to limit movements outside of their homes beyond essential needs effective Friday, 3月27日至周五, 4月10日下午5点.


Due to the nature of our markets we serve, ADS is deemed “essential” in the products and services we provide. We are confident that all of our clients’ needs will be met; however, 广告组 will prioritize clients’ orders that serve the HealthCare industry, 医疗设备, 教育, 和金融市场. “Anything that we can do to keep the supply chain open, we will do.”


We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously; we will continue to practice responsible distancing; we will continue to follow all CDC guidelines.   During the 14 day stay at Home Order issued by our Governor, we will limit our manufacturing workforce exposure to a 40-hour week, limiting overtime hours and not working weekend hours.  We want our employees to remain healthy and rested.


We are proud of Governor Walz, and we are proud Minnesotan’s.  We are Midwest strong, and together we will get through this critical time.




If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out:


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